We invest in real estate, innovation and technology companies that are changing the industry and creating the places of tomorrow.

A convergence of real estate, innovation and technology.

We’ve created a place. A place to evolve, a forum to innovate, a meeting point for visionary thinkers in the real estate, innovation and technology sectors.


This place is GreenPoint.


Founded by Chris Green and headquartered in New York, GreenPoint Partners is a private equity firm with a difference. We create compelling opportunities for global real estate owners, operators and investors to evolve, advance and thrive through technology. At the same time, we leverage our established relationships with real estate leaders to accelerate the growth of innovative companies that seek to transform places.

GreenPoint, creating the places of tomorrow.

“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.”

Theodore Levitt

Our investment focus

GreenPoint Ventures

GreenPoint invests in early-stage companies that provide the real estate industry with leading technological solutions and innovative operating models. These companies offer transformative ideas that can enhance the functionality, value and sustainability of real estate globally.

Our approach is three-pronged: utilize the extensive real estate experience of our investment team; leverage the insights of our senior innovation and technology advisors; and provide access to our wide-reaching network of leading real estate participants. The unique ecosystem we have created allows us to identify attractive companies and help drive their global growth aspirations. Simultaneously, we create compelling opportunities for our real estate participants by identifying trends ahead of others and equipping them for the technological changes of the future.

GreenPoint Real Estate

The real estate industry is still in the early stages of technological innovation but we expect that technology will transform the real estate industry at an ever-increasing pace over the coming years. This transformation will be both direct and also indirect as new technologies over time alter the way we utilize real estate.

GreenPoint sits at the intersection of technology and real estate. We combine the data and insights gained from this position, together with our relationships and extensive investment experience, to interpret the long-term implications of emerging technological trends for real estate. This unique combination facilitates strategic, attractive and informed investments into real estate that will benefit from the innovative companies enabling the buildings of the future.

Our team

Bringing together international experience across all facets of real estate and technology

At GreenPoint, our unique mix of skills and breadth of experience is what sets us apart.

Our team brings an unparalleled knowledge of real estate, accumulated over years of working across all facets of the industry including commercial office, logistics, multifamily, data centers, retail, manufactured housing and student accommodation. This real estate expertise is complemented by innovation and technology experts who have led the way in emerging trends in areas such as digital media, app and software development, optimization technology, data analytics, brand strategy and attitudinal research. 

Furthermore, the team has combined experience working across more than 30 countries around the world, providing us with a deep awareness of both real estate and technology markets globally.